SEO and Site Traffic Development


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about increasing traffic to your website. Websites need to be made 'search engine friendly' to get listed and get high up on the search results page. We have all received emails promising to get your website to the top of google for a one off payment of £xyz. Please do not be tempted.

SEO is a long haul. There are no silver bullets or magic shortcuts, no SEO secrets that only the experts know. Effective site traffic building depends on the following:

Good search engine friendly (SEF) site design

The site should be content rich and relevant to your audience. It should be easy to navigate using CSS styled navigation. Flash rich sites are not SEF. The site should have a up to date site map - search engines like these. Each page should have it's own relevant and well researched meta tags and keywords, with a well considered meta description.

Do not fall into the trap of keyword stuffing - search engine spiders are programmed to ignore sites that are guilty of this - quality is infinitely better that quantity. Constantly review and refine your keywords for every page of your website.

Most importantly the site should be constantly updated, blogs, news sections and ebooks help with this - but keep at it!. Search engines love sites that are constantly updated with in depth information.

These steps are the first building block to SEO.

Incoming links

Constantly build reciprocal links with other sites and publish them on your site. Register the site with all possible listings and search sites and manage and maintain these listings - these can really help get you listed on search engines.

Google analytics

All our sites carry the google analytics coding to allow us to track in some detail the visitors to your site what search terms they used and where they came from. A powerful tool and one of many we use to monitor on a weekly basis the site traffic and activity.

Getting your name 'out there'

You can only get so far using the above. Although you would be surprised how many sites don't do the basics correctly, there are still plenty who do correctly set up there sites for SEO so there is always plenty of competition. Design Matters can help by running web campaigns to increase site traffic. This involves sending and posting articles and press releases onto relevant sites, getting your site listed on as many listings sites as possible. Sometime though we have to spend money on web advertising. This could be a banner ad, a enhanced listing, google adwords or email broadcasting. Whichever we select the beauty is that we can monitor exactly how effective the different channels have been. Imagine how great it would be if you knew how many people read your display ad in the Daily Mail! Well with the software we use you know exactly how many people respond to the online advertising. Monitored on a regular basis this can be switched on and off depending on response or your work load.

The package

Little and often is our SEO mantra. All of the above must be done on a weekly basis and many of our clients pay us a small fee for doing this. This small outlay plus a agreed budget for online promotion and advertising is the most cost effective marketing spend you could make.