Why you should use Mailchimp

We use Mailchimp to manage our clients email marketing or e-blasts. We have a high volume account and manage dozens of lists for clients. We design a template using the Mailchimp tools and our graphics skills. This ensures that the emails arrive in tip top condition looking right in any email client.

We have access to clients personal Mailchimp accounts also. We set up the templates and deal with all the tricky graphics and the client can go in and edit and create their own messages.

You have to use a third party package like Mailchimp to send out high volumes of emails. If you don't you will run into problems with your email supplier and could get blacklisted as a spammer.

Third party services like Mailchimp (there are others) build in safe guards to prevent misuse by spammers and so are trusted.

One of the biggest advantages though is the superb reporting for every e-blast you send. You can track who opens the messages and what exactly they looked at and clicked on.

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